Paying for your favourite products is now more affordable than ever!

Introducing “Buy Now Pay Later’ with JVPoint, the perfect option for fuss free financing.
Get 4-months Zero-free instalments with ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’,
and take home your products with us!

Just follow these easy steps:

Download the ‘Paylater Malaysia’ app.

Register in-app and complete the e-KYC process.

Shopping Limit instantly approved.

Visit any of our Online Store to purchase your product(s).


How can I qualify for ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’?

You must be above 18 years old, Malaysian, and currently being employed full time.

Will there be any interest charged for my purchase(s)?

There will be no interest.

What is my ‘Shopping Limit’? And how does my instalment work?

Your Shopping Limit is the available shopping amount you can spend with Paylater partnered Merchants. Your instalments will be deductible monthly from the date of purchase.

Can I increase my ‘shopping limit’?

You may request for higher shopping limit in-app. Please do have your latest bank statement (in PDF), utility bill and payslip or income statement ready.

Can I purchase with a debit card?

Yes, you can! Both debit and credit cards are accepted for ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ payment option.

What is the billing cycle like?

Your billing cycle will be monthly.

Are there late payment charges?

What are my payment options for instalment?

You may choose either auto debit on your card, or FPX manual transfer to Paylater Malaysia via an in-app option in the ‘Paylater Malaysia’ app.

Can I seek refund(s)?

You may opt-in for a refund only if you do so within the same day. No refunds will be entertained 1 (ONE) working day from your purchase using ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ option.

Can I have more than 4 months instalments?

Yes, you may opt-in for a maximum of 12 months instalment with a fixed fee. Full details available in the ‘Paylater Malaysia’ app. Instalments above 4 months are subject to approval.

Can I apply for more than 1 (ONE) purchase at JVPoint at a time?

Yes, you may. As long as you are still within your allocated ‘shopping limit’, you may have as many purchases.