With smartphone cameras continuing to improve year after year, it’s now hard to tell the difference between mobile filmmaking and big-budget quality. Since some of the latest high-end smartphones include functions and components to shoot professional level stills and motion video, a smartphone gimbal stabilizer can add a significant level of quality to the end product and generally improve the whole experience.

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Please go to below link to update your LongTV 今日影视 App to latest version.

Latest Version: 2.1.6
Download Link: https://down.jinritv.tv/tv.apk

How to update?

  1. Use your computer to download the latest app
  2. Copy the latest app to your pendrive
  3. plug your pendrive to your LongTV
  4. Uninstall the old 今日影视 App at your LongTV
  5. Install latest 今日影视 App to your LongTV
  6. Done