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JVPoint Dropship Business Program

Let us show you…

How to Register?

Register as Dropshipper Account at our website

Wait Approval from JVPoint

Once your application is approved you will have access to a 20% discount.

How to Sell?

Upload product details:

  • Select products that you want to sell from shop.jvpoint.com.my.
  • Copy details & images to your blog / facebook or other channels.
  • Set your product selling price.

Collect Orders:

  • Customer places order and pay you at your selling price.

Order from Us:

  • Place order and pay with our discount price at shop.jvpoint.com.my.
  • Put your details under BILLING DETAILS.
  • Put your customer details under DELIVERY DETAILS.
  • From here, we will process everything for you.

Shipped & Tracking Code:

  • Under shipping consignment notes, SENDER details will be yours and RECEIVER will be your customer.
  • Once the shipment is done, tracking code will send to your email.
  • You can send the tracking code to your customers.
  • Next or next 5 business days, your customer will receive the products.

Throughout the process, customer won’t know our existence. Only your name is shown in the shipping note.

We are your trusted business partner.